What Would Be Your Last Meal

My last meal would consist of full bright red strawberries, bananas, and a serving of freshly churned creamy vanilla ice cream. The sweet and tart taste of full juicy, bright red strawberry is enjoying to me. I would enjoy a banana that is not completely or over ripened but, still holds the green color of the plant, along with the yellow glow of sunshine wrapped around the freshness of the berry’s smell. The smooth cold vanilla ice cream would complete my meal by satisfying the need for wholesomeness.

The main purpose I would choose this meal is to satisfy my need to see fresh foods grown from the earth, and to envision walking by a home owners small garden patch, or riding as a passer-by viewing from a distance a large farm. The ice cream would satisfy the memories of childhood when going to Crown Candy for ice cream was the most exciting treat in the world for me. I would enjoy arranging the items as a decorative dessert served in a elegant restaurant and then offer it to the one who served it to me.


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