What Would Be Your Last Meal?

Considering The Meaning of Food segment on Brian Price, the former prisoner who cooked last meals for those on death row, explain what your last meal would be.  In one paragraph, describe your meal, using descriptive language (try to hit most of the 5 senses).  Use this paragraph to practice describing food, a task that can be difficult since we tend to fall back on clichés when we talk about food.  Practicing food descriptions here will help prepare you for Essay 3’s evaluative purpose.

In another paragraph, explain why you chose this meal–what special significance does the food have in your life?  How does your choice reveal your food culture?

Posts should be made by Thursday, October 4, at 10 PM, CST.  Please respond to 3 of your peers’ posts by 10 PM, CST, on Sunday, October 7.  For this activity, your responses do not have to be geared toward critiquing your peers’ writing; rather, you can focus on the posts’ content.


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