This blog is comprised of student writing from Professor Jenny Agnew’s “English 150: The Process of Composition” 8-week course for the fall 2012 semester at Saint Louis University (August 27, 2012 through October 22, 2012). Per Dr. Agnew’s syllabus, “The Process of Composition is designed to help students better understand the methods and characteristics of powerful and persuasive writing at the college level and beyond.” This particular English 150 class will ask students to investigate food literature and multiplatform writing (for instance, blogging here and using Twitter to research and reflect upon the role food plays in students’ lives and narratives) as a catalyst for exploration into several different genres of writing: remembered event (autobiography and personal essay), comparison and contrast, evaluation, and argumentation.

Professor Agnew also writes and reports about food for St. Louis Magazinein addition to covering food topics in her academic writing.  She also blogs about the ins and outs of culinary life here. Her research interests include American Literature; Gothic Literature; Film; Representations of Food in Culture, Literature, and Film; Writing and Adult Learners; and Contemporary Revisions/Retellings of Classic Literature. Professor Agnew received her Master’s and Ph.D. in English from Saint Louis University.

Instructional designer Michaella Hammond collaborated with Professor Agnew on the design of English 150 during the spring and fall 2012 semesters through the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning’s Innovative Teaching Fellowship program. She has written essays for local food magazine Sauce Magazine and holds her MFA in creative writing from the University of Arizona, where her thesis “A Lusty Bit of Nourishment: Collected Essays” explored the relationship between food, memory, and culture.


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