Dining On A Dime

On the whole, I enjoyed myself even though my meal was not the way I wanted it to be. This must have been an off day for the cook; because usually I don’t have a problem the way my meal is prepared.    With that being said, I consider this Applebee’s location a restaurant you would want to patronize.  The location is great, the menu has something for everyone, and you get great value for your dollar.  Plus the atmosphere is nice and the food is great; Applebee’s is my kind of place to dine on a dime.

My conclusion style the synthesize, I chose this type of conclusion because it shows a brief summary of my paper’s main points.  Using this style of conclusion shows the reader the points I made and the support and examples fit together.


In Conclusion

The Best Steak House boast its atmospheric tradition of being a historic casual cafeteria serving selections found in many of today’s contemporary restaurants.  The menu includes steak combination plates, chicken combination plates, grilled pork chops, shrimp, fish, fried and grilled mushrooms, a vast selection of sandwiches and desserts.  The cafeteria continues to hold their enthusiastic loyal customer bases credited to the meals prepared are delicious.  The positive energy of the people amongst you enjoying their meals and sharing stories of how long they have enjoyed dining there is also becoming.  Loosen your tie to take part in the memory of a classic casual dining atmosphere that includes; the long line, the yell of the cook “Next”, along with the laughter of customers, enjoying the confusion of who is next will encourage you to return and introduce a group of friends to this experience.  Most importantly to me, “the steak is worth the wait.”

I chose to summarize the topics of the review in the conclusion.  I selected this method to leave the audience with a clear view of my dining experience.  In addition, it gives an overall brief description for those who choose and prefer not to read it in its entirety but are interested in what I thought about The Best Steak House.

Essay 3 Conclusion: So What?

Many writers find conclusions to be challenging.  Often, a writer simply restates the introduction, leaving the reader with little to think about after the essay.  Or, sometimes a writer continues to introduce new ideas in the conclusion, thereby leaving the reader–and the essay–hanging.

For this week’s blog activity, record your working conclusion to Essay 3.  In a separate paragraph, explain what conclusion strategy you are using and why.  For more on strategies, see the handbook (p. 47), and The UNC’s Writing Center Handout on conclusions: http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/conclusions/.

Please post conclusions by Wednesday, October 10, at 10 PM, CST.  Provide feedback to 2 of your peers by Friday, October 12, 10 PM, CST.  Check back over the weekend to see what your peers and I have written about your conclusions.  Remember: writing “this looks good” neither helps the writer nor earns you full points for this activity.

My Last Meal

My last meal would be a spread like mama use to make. You know the one that would make you walk for miles after school only to smell the aroma and the sound of pots when you open the door. There is nothing better than the smell of macaroni and cheese baking in the over with the cheese dripping over the sides of the pan. Dont forget about those candied yams, fried in butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon of nutmeg, burnt ever so slightly. I can see mama now standing in front of the stove with her red and white apron with one hand on her hip and the other stirring the green beans. Yes green beans with a little onion and seasoned just right. Yes that what I would like for me last meal. I can feel the hot corn bread on the tips of my fingers with butter slowly cascading down my hand. Now that what you call a last meal!!

The Last Supper

For my last meal I would love a chicken breast cooked slowly and tender so it slides down my thought easily. Topped with colby jack cheese, bacon, and onions, and multi colored green peppers seasoned to perfection. I would have mashed potatoes that are whipped so lightly it would feel like you are floating in the air when you eat them. A piece of garlic toast lightly toasted. I would have a big tall glass of coke in a crystal class with light ice. And my big finish the dessert of a queen such as myself. A tortilla lightly toasted and in the inside cheesecake wrapped like a burrito topped with caramel,cinnamon, strawberries, and whipped cream. That is something that I would have at my favorite restaurant in California called Black Angus.  It would take me back to having dinner with my dad, stepmom, and sister. That would the moment, a moment in time that I would savor forever.

“My Last Meal”

     My last meal would be a “Southern Style Meal”, it would consist of three pieces of golden fried chicken, legs and wings, with a little cayenne pepper added in the batter. I must have me some collard greens cooked slowly on the stove top with a couple of neck bones. Then, I would ask for macaroni and cheese with four different types of cheese, baked in the oven until its was lightly brown, candied yams that has been carefully peeled, without black spots left on them; with just the right amount of butter, sugar ,nutmeg  and with a dash of cinnamon.  As, I write I can just imagine the smell and the aroma of the food cooking in the kitchen.

      I can’t forget about the dessert, since it my last meal, without limitations, I would like to have some banana pudding and a huge, slice of cake with light caramel dripping down the side.

“What a meal to die for”.


What Would Be My Last Meal?

For my last meal I would have a nice tender and juicy T-bone steak seasoned with garlic powder, accent, Lawry’s seasoned salt, topped with sautéed onions, cooked medium well until its brown in color, and the aroma of garlic fills the room. My side dishes would consist of garlic buttered shrimp, golden brown buttered top biscuits made from scratch, and a side of home-made lumpy thick mashed potatoes dashed with milk; and topped with I can’t believe it’s not butter with a pinch of salt and pepper. For dessert I would have a slice of creamy cheese cake topped with candy red strawberries and whipped cream that is fluffy like white clouds.

I choose this meal because I like steak and shrimp a lot, also it takes me back to my childhood memories of me having meals with my father as a little girl. My father was a good cook and a hard-working man and he made sure that he took care of his family. This was one of his favorite Sunday meals; with that being said that we both have good taste.