Picture in the Window

Life is filled with full circle moments and my recent visit to one of my favorite restaurants was one. As we continue down this road called life we are constantly reminded of life’s perspectives and constant lessons. My black blinders have forever been removed thanks to the multifaceted picture in the window.

My strategy for writing this article was avoiding over used phases. I tried to focus on the overall topic without repeating myself.


My Last Meal

My last meal would be a spread like mama use to make. You know the one that would make you walk for miles after school only to smell the aroma and the sound of pots when you open the door. There is nothing better than the smell of macaroni and cheese baking in the over with the cheese dripping over the sides of the pan. Dont forget about those candied yams, fried in butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon of nutmeg, burnt ever so slightly. I can see mama now standing in front of the stove with her red and white apron with one hand on her hip and the other stirring the green beans. Yes green beans with a little onion and seasoned just right. Yes that what I would like for me last meal. I can feel the hot corn bread on the tips of my fingers with butter slowly cascading down my hand. Now that what you call a last meal!!

Warehouse Clubs are not all the same

All wholesale warehouse clubs are not the same, each are uniquely different and have their own special niche. Admittedly, there are some features that are consistent throughout the warehouse industry. At first glance, Costco Wholesale and Sams Clubs appear to be the same type of warehouse, but when you go beneath the surface you will find vastly different company culture and customer approach.

Costco Wholesale the Best of the Best

Shopping at Costco always brings me a sense of joy and security. This comes from many years of experience as a longtime customer of Costco. I guess you could say I’m a legacy Costco member on the basis of my parents membership. In our family shopping at Costco has always been a way of life.

One might say the Great Northwest and Costco go hand and hand. Now that I live away from Seattle, shopping at Costco takes me back each time I visit. Their signature label is called Kirkland, which is named after Kirkland, WA the original location of the corporate office.

This weekend I took notice of Costco in ways I had not in past visits. Its given me a different perspective. This was very refreshing.