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Neighborhood Bar and Grill

Although the doors are constantly oscillating  and new and old patrons entering; the host continues to keep her smile and generosity while seating customers in their designated seating area of choice. The waitress continues to keep up with the flow of customers orders; the cook continue to prepare succulent dishes as the customers kept the orders flowing, while they watched television, enjoyed appetizers, and receive out-standing customer service.

I choose to give details about the flow of customers and customer service because some customers can be demanding and can be a challenge for the waitress and the cook on how fast they get orders out, it also can be a reflection on good customer service, and it can make or break a business. I back this up with details of good service and hot food at the table in a timely manner.


What Would Be My Last Meal?

For my last meal I would have a nice tender and juicy T-bone steak seasoned with garlic powder, accent, Lawry’s seasoned salt, topped with sautéed onions, cooked medium well until its brown in color, and the aroma of garlic fills the room. My side dishes would consist of garlic buttered shrimp, golden brown buttered top biscuits made from scratch, and a side of home-made lumpy thick mashed potatoes dashed with milk; and topped with I can’t believe it’s not butter with a pinch of salt and pepper. For dessert I would have a slice of creamy cheese cake topped with candy red strawberries and whipped cream that is fluffy like white clouds.

I choose this meal because I like steak and shrimp a lot, also it takes me back to my childhood memories of me having meals with my father as a little girl. My father was a good cook and a hard-working man and he made sure that he took care of his family. This was one of his favorite Sunday meals; with that being said that we both have good taste.

Grocery Store Visit

My store of choice to shop is the Belleville East Walmart Super Center.  It’s very convenient and I get all of my household, food, produce, and other various items there; and it’s a one stop shop.

The reason I shop at Walmart Super Center is because they offer many services such as banking needs, customer service for returns or exchange, books, food, produce, bakery, and house hold products and many other services like lawn and gardening. Walmart prices are cheaper than the local Schucks which is five minutes away from my home. Walmart Super Center offer variety of services to fit most customers’ needs and its open 24hours. Walmart Super Center has several store entrance that’s easily accessible for customers with disabilities; and they also stock motorized shopping carts, lots of handicap parking at all entrance, which make it easy to shop and drive the carts down the wide aisles. The food center entrance which is one of four is my entrance of choice because I get to start at produce and end in lawn and garden which is at the back of the store that leads to twenty-four checkout lanes.

Walmart Super Center caught the attention of everyone that passed through the east end of Belleville since 2009; it is conveniently located in the middle of the east end business districts and neighbor-hoods. Directly across the street is South Western Illinois College, the YMCA, Home Depot, Sprint and many other retailers that sell goods to the public. Walmart Super Center wide aisles display most of their top selling product with a price many can afford. Walmart Super Center has a spacious parking lot, neatly stocked shelves with store goods, polished floors, sparkling clean bathrooms, and multiple services that they provide. Walmart Super Center caters to the American menu with several side dishes of Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and German foods.  What I have notice about Walmart Super Center, is that they cater to all shoppers by providing services for most of our daily needs.