About Mica M.

I am mom of 2 and I really enjoy my kids. I just like to hang with them and teach them to become two intelligent adults. I love my family and I like to attend church.

To Enjoy a Meal: Even with Chaotic Parking

My kids and I enjoyed our juicy steak and our sizzling, juicy, tender chicken breast. It was delicious as ever. I still get goosebumps thinking about parking. As I leave The Best Steak House my fear of my car being hit or ticketed because I didn’t put enough money in the meter is in the back of my mind. As my kids and I approach the car and everything is as we left it, I let out a sign of relief. All is well, my kids are fed and I am happy that I could share this great meal with them.

I chose to refer back to the theme for my conclusion because that what haunts me as I keep going back to one of my favorite places to eat. To bring the paper full circle that was the conclusion strategy of choice. It’s still a work in progress.


The Last Supper

For my last meal I would love a chicken breast cooked slowly and tender so it slides down my thought easily. Topped with colby jack cheese, bacon, and onions, and multi colored green peppers seasoned to perfection. I would have mashed potatoes that are whipped so lightly it would feel like you are floating in the air when you eat them. A piece of garlic toast lightly toasted. I would have a big tall glass of coke in a crystal class with light ice. And my big finish the dessert of a queen such as myself. A tortilla lightly toasted and in the inside cheesecake wrapped like a burrito topped with caramel,cinnamon, strawberries, and whipped cream. That is something that I would have at my favorite restaurant in California called Black Angus.  It would take me back to having dinner with my dad, stepmom, and sister. That would the moment, a moment in time that I would savor forever.

My store experiences

My neighborhood Aldi’s tend to take care of my necessities, but I seem to frequent Schnucks because I need more than just the necessities. I gravitate to Schnucks because I shop around  for excellent customer service,  the best hours, great prices, and quality products. My experiences differ from Aldi’s to Schnucks.

My One-Stop Shop

I visited my local Save-A-Lot on my way home from work. I went to get a few fruits and other odds and ends. The overall experience was pretty pleasant. I was able to find everything because it was neatly organized and clean. I rarely shop here because I usually go to Aldi’s but when I’m looking for specific items I know Aldi’s won’t have,  I will  go to Save-A-Lot. I thought that the customer service was fairly decent. I would probably rate them about a 6 out of 10. The store is conveniently located close to where I live. I think about location because I am a single, busy, mom of 2 and I just don’t have time to go 30-40 miles away from home. Especially in the evenings when my kids get home from school because they are usually hungry and ready to eat dinner. The quality of the food there is pretty good. I would say that the grapes I had were big, firm, and juicy. I appreciate that because I hate smashed up grapes. So my overall experience was pretty pleasant.