Our Crumbling Dining Experience

Karlos and I are discussing who gets the tip and how much should we leave them, if we don’t know how much the bill is. Although, we did enjoy the meal and the company of each other we can’t shake the fact, of how disappointing it is, to have servers treat you like crap. We didn’t have to pay for our meal but we wanted to leave the server who treated us with dignity a nice tip for the service she rendered to us. So, as we were leaving Karlos put a $20.00 bill in her hand. The manger waved to us as we left out the door and the greeter did give us smile.

Even though the greeter and the server were disrespectful to my grandson and I we kept our composure and let the manager handle his staff as he thought was appropriate. We left showing that we were not bent out of shape, because we didn’t allow their rude behavior to have a dampering effect on our time together. He rewarded the other server with a generous tip.


How to get rid of the itching when the scratching starts!

        I just received the menu order form to complete, for my last meal, and I feel the itching start in my stomach. This is where it always shows up, first before moving to other parts of my body. They said I could be as elaborate as I choose to or as simple as I want, so I am torn between the two. I will make it simple but elaborate at the same time. I would like to order two four ounces strips of tilapia fish coated with butter and lemon-peper seasoning with a touch of meal on top. Along, with that I will have mixed greens preferably turnips and mustards cooked down until they are slick looking, sweet potaoes that have candied down in butter and sugar. Next I want Macaroni and cheese made with american cheese and hot water cornbread. For dessert a generous helping of peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. My Momma always said “when the itching start the only way to get rid of it, is to start chowing down on some good, down home cooking”.

The itching she is talking about is this feeling or sensation that starts on the inside of me, when it seems as if everything is going wrong. She could always tell when the feeling was getting started in me, because she had the same thing happen to her. So she knew exactly what I was feeling inside. My Momma told me that her momma, Big Mama had the same sentivity and she handled it the same way, she taught her to do with me. Eat up some stuff and the feeling will pass away.

Should You care where you Spend your Money?

The Schnucks Grocery stores on North Grand and South Grand are different as day and night, not only in the layout, but in the creativeness of how they adverise, the in-store sales, the employees, customer satisfaction and the parking lot. Although, there may be some simillarities, there are more things that differ  between these two stores.

Should I Care where I spend my Money?

I usually shop at the Schnucks store on Page in Overland not only because it has good sales but it is close to my house and easy to access it. I like the employees because they are friendly and will tell you about specials going on in the store. They take time to address you by name and take time to talk with customers. I have had many good experiences there and can always look forward to being treated with respect. Although, once we waited for the butcher who was on break and we called for the Manager who went and found him. For our inconvience, he gave myself and the other customer who ad been waiting a small gift card for our long wait.

The store employees are friendly and take time with customers to give them good shopping experiences. The prices is another good reason I like to shop there the meats are seemingly fresh as well as the produce and fruit.

Coon, Coon, who ate the Coon?


                       Our Church, Evergreen Full Gospel Baptist had planned on hosting its fifth annual anniversary in September 1970. The guest speaker was going to be Rev. John Whitelaw from Chicago, Ill. Rev. Whitelaw was from Mount Bayou, Mississippi but he had left there and came to St Louis, stayed here a couple years where he met and married his wife Susanna and moved to Chicago and started his Church, Holy Cross Full Gospel Baptist.  He would speak during the services on Thursday and Friday evenings at 7:00 pm, and twice on Sunday morning at the 11:00 am service and again at 4:30 pm that afternoon. We would serve dinner between these services.


Rev. Whitelaw was a humorous fun loving and fun seeking jovial kind of fellow, who could always be counted on to play or tell a joke on people. He was fun to be around and everyone was always holding their sides from laughing so hard at his antics. The Food Service Committee inquired as to what Rev Whitelaw would like to have on the menu for the dinner. His response was he would like to have Mother Conner who was the top chef of the family to cook him a Coon.