Meal On The Run

     One Thursday October 4, 2012 I was in the town of Belleville, IL. I decided to stop in to check the restaurant out and have dinner. As, I pulled into the parking lot, and having; been a veteran of Hardee s’ for over 16 years. I have a tendency of being an observer and I critique restaurants upon most of my visits. At this point, I had a flash back of my “Hardee’s Days”, I was trained to be a Mystery Shoppers for one another to assure great customer service visits. I took notice of the parking lot. Was there paper or cigarette butts on the ground, how did the sidewalks look, had they been cleaned, was there any gum on the pavement outside the doors? To my surprise the outside of the restaurant was in great condition; as if someone, informed the store manager that I was coming. After scanning the appearance of the parking lot; something really caught my attention, the landscape was beautiful, the colored rocks stood out, they were multi-colored, white and brown brick colored with a hint of silver specks. I had never seen the mixture of rocks before,  the bushes was cut to waist high, I knew the purpose of the low cut bushes was for security reasons; to assure great visibility of the parking lot.

     While; I was still in my car, I decided to pull up to the drive thru menu, this was my chance to check out the prices and look at the layout of the board. I was checking the menu board for cleanness, visibility, missing price tags and consistency. Overall, the menu board was in excellent condition, I must confess, I pulled up the menu board to check it out and a nice friendly voice came across the speaker, at that point, I had to say that’s alright I will come inside. This had to be done in order for me to give a complete review of my visit.

I chose this title because so many times we eat on the run but never stop to look at our surrounding.

More that anything, the highlight of my visit; wasn’t the food but, the service and conversation form the cashier.


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