Our Crumbling Dining Experience

Karlos and I are discussing who gets the tip and how much should we leave them, if we don’t know how much the bill is. Although, we did enjoy the meal and the company of each other we can’t shake the fact, of how disappointing it is, to have servers treat you like crap. We didn’t have to pay for our meal but we wanted to leave the server who treated us with dignity a nice tip for the service she rendered to us. So, as we were leaving Karlos put a $20.00 bill in her hand. The manger waved to us as we left out the door and the greeter did give us smile.

Even though the greeter and the server were disrespectful to my grandson and I we kept our composure and let the manager handle his staff as he thought was appropriate. We left showing that we were not bent out of shape, because we didn’t allow their rude behavior to have a dampering effect on our time together. He rewarded the other server with a generous tip.


3 thoughts on “Our Crumbling Dining Experience

  1. First of all, good for you for holding it together in the face of a disrespectful server. Secondly, I would like to know the name of the resturant in the summary if you could find a spot for it. I want to know what to look out for if I should dine there.

  2. The paragraph seems more like part of the body introducing a new idea than a conclusion. Of course, this problem may be resolved when I read the whole paper. Is the second paragraph still part of your essay or your explanation of what kind of strategy you are using? One area to focus on is verb tense: make sure they are consistent throughout the conclusion (and paper).

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