Neighborhood Bar and Grill

Although the doors are constantly oscillating  and new and old patrons entering; the host continues to keep her smile and generosity while seating customers in their designated seating area of choice. The waitress continues to keep up with the flow of customers orders; the cook continue to prepare succulent dishes as the customers kept the orders flowing, while they watched television, enjoyed appetizers, and receive out-standing customer service.

I choose to give details about the flow of customers and customer service because some customers can be demanding and can be a challenge for the waitress and the cook on how fast they get orders out, it also can be a reflection on good customer service, and it can make or break a business. I back this up with details of good service and hot food at the table in a timely manner.


8 thoughts on “Neighborhood Bar and Grill

  1. Pretty good descriptive language in the conclusion. I could imagine the hustle and bustle of customer and servers moving about and the noise of people talking and the television. How did it smell and was it warm inside with all the diners or were you near a window with a coolness of early fall?

  2. It is more details in the story and I did give my opinon as to what I noticed the day I visited Applebee’s; as far as how the customers, the service, and the cook responded to satisfy the customers needs that day to show how important it is in keeping customers comming back. Work in progress!

  3. I gathered you were pleased with your dining experience and evaluated how difficult it was that evening for servers and host yet, you still received excellent service and a good meal. Sometimes excellent customer service is hard to receive with a small number of customers.

  4. It will be interesting to see what introductory strategy you use to see how that and the conclusion might be connected. I recommend that you check your verb tenses for inconsistencies and also check whether or not you are using semi-colons correctly. Also consider whether or not you are purposely repeating the phrase “so-and-so continues.” Sometimes, purposeful repetition can build an idea–in this case, of the continued bustle of a restaurant–while other times, repetition can be monotonous.

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