In Conclusion

The Best Steak House boast its atmospheric tradition of being a historic casual cafeteria serving selections found in many of today’s contemporary restaurants.  The menu includes steak combination plates, chicken combination plates, grilled pork chops, shrimp, fish, fried and grilled mushrooms, a vast selection of sandwiches and desserts.  The cafeteria continues to hold their enthusiastic loyal customer bases credited to the meals prepared are delicious.  The positive energy of the people amongst you enjoying their meals and sharing stories of how long they have enjoyed dining there is also becoming.  Loosen your tie to take part in the memory of a classic casual dining atmosphere that includes; the long line, the yell of the cook “Next”, along with the laughter of customers, enjoying the confusion of who is next will encourage you to return and introduce a group of friends to this experience.  Most importantly to me, “the steak is worth the wait.”

I chose to summarize the topics of the review in the conclusion.  I selected this method to leave the audience with a clear view of my dining experience.  In addition, it gives an overall brief description for those who choose and prefer not to read it in its entirety but are interested in what I thought about The Best Steak House.


4 thoughts on “In Conclusion

  1. Great details in your conclusion also I like how you wrote the cook yells” Next”, it gives me a clear picture of me standing in line myself, talking amongst freinds and customers when I visited the resturant. Very good on the details!

  2. The analysis of The Best Steak House is great, you use good details. It made me think back, it’s been a while since I’ve been there. After reading you conclusion plan on visiting them soon.

  3. The last line with the quote works well as it leaves the reader with one final thought. I would encourage you to read the conclusion out loud to catch awkward constructions. This would be a good place to start: “The cafeteria continues to hold their enthusiastic loyal customer bases credited to the meals prepared are delicious.” You may have a strong point in there, but meaning is obscured by the way the sentence is constructed. Also, remember that you don’t want to use a colon (I think you used a semi-colon by accident) after “including.”

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