Dining On A Dime

On the whole, I enjoyed myself even though my meal was not the way I wanted it to be. This must have been an off day for the cook; because usually I don’t have a problem the way my meal is prepared.    With that being said, I consider this Applebee’s location a restaurant you would want to patronize.  The location is great, the menu has something for everyone, and you get great value for your dollar.  Plus the atmosphere is nice and the food is great; Applebee’s is my kind of place to dine on a dime.

My conclusion style the synthesize, I chose this type of conclusion because it shows a brief summary of my paper’s main points.  Using this style of conclusion shows the reader the points I made and the support and examples fit together.


3 thoughts on “Dining On A Dime

  1. This conclusion mentions some dislikes, but shows that at the end it was worth it. Applebee’s is a restaurant to visit. The style of conclusion works well for the ending, good details shown.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean about synthesis–I think you’re using a frame device since the conclusion ties back to your title. As we talked about in conference, that final line is a nice way to end the essay. Try varying your word choice to avoid repeating the word “great” more than once.

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