Conclusion: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop; One Ounce Away

The pricing of the menu would be fair provided the main ingredients were more abundant in each dish.  Overall, Fuzzy’s food was good, but not something I would go out of my way to recommend.  Maybe one day I will return with sunglasses in hand and try the jumbo burrito, but for now, and for my dollar’s sake; Fuzzy’s Taco Shop was one ounce away from being a great place to eat.  Enjoy your dessert.

My summary was part analyses and part judgment.  I make reference to prior statements in the essay to solidify my opinions of the experience.

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Family first. Enjoy laughing with friends as much as somber quiet moments with Clair de lune and red wine. Love the arts and humor of all sorts but will beat you up if I have to. Eating is a favorite hobby but cooking is the art that holds my passion. Photographer, semi-activist, love-machine, and advisor. I sell jets for a living.

5 thoughts on “Conclusion: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop; One Ounce Away

  1. I enjoy good tacos, based on your conclusion- Fuzzy Tacos is a place I will consider only if I am in the area of the restaurant and have a taco crave.

  2. The “one ounce away line” works nicely here (if the title here is that for the essay, use a colon rather than a semi-colon to divide the title and subtitle). Also check your use of the semi-colon within the paragraph.

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