What Would Be My Last Meal?

For my last meal I would have a nice tender and juicy T-bone steak seasoned with garlic powder, accent, Lawry’s seasoned salt, topped with sautéed onions, cooked medium well until its brown in color, and the aroma of garlic fills the room. My side dishes would consist of garlic buttered shrimp, golden brown buttered top biscuits made from scratch, and a side of home-made lumpy thick mashed potatoes dashed with milk; and topped with I can’t believe it’s not butter with a pinch of salt and pepper. For dessert I would have a slice of creamy cheese cake topped with candy red strawberries and whipped cream that is fluffy like white clouds.

I choose this meal because I like steak and shrimp a lot, also it takes me back to my childhood memories of me having meals with my father as a little girl. My father was a good cook and a hard-working man and he made sure that he took care of his family. This was one of his favorite Sunday meals; with that being said that we both have good taste.


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