My Last Meall

My Last Meal

 I would like my last meal to be a juicy porter house steak with mild Cajun seasoning; cooked medium rare with sautéed onions and mushrooms smothered on top.    The pan still sizzling with the steam rising with the aroma makes my taste buds dance in my mouth.  I would also like two tender Main lobster tails split; with a half-pound of steamed snow crab legs and melted butter on the side for the dipping of the lobster tails and crab legs.  I’d like two lemons on the side to squeeze the juice in the melted butter for a kick.  I would also have lobster mashed potatoes, perfectly steamed broccoli that have a light crunch when I bite into it, along with soft wheat diner roll and soft honey butter to spread on top of the diner roll.  Now, for desert I would have a large slice of mouthwatering double chocolate coco scented Carmel cake and a large glass of ice cold Pepsi.

I choose this meal because I love steak and seafood and with this being my last would get them both.  The choice of foods I choose has no specific culture in mind, with my food culture itself being soul food.  But then I also grew up on steak and seafood, as well.


5 thoughts on “My Last Meall

  1. Wow Adrian! If I did not have shellfish allergic reactions I would consider joining you. Your enjoyment of seafood and how you prefer it was really detailed. Bon appétit!

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