“My Last Meal”

     My last meal would be a “Southern Style Meal”, it would consist of three pieces of golden fried chicken, legs and wings, with a little cayenne pepper added in the batter. I must have me some collard greens cooked slowly on the stove top with a couple of neck bones. Then, I would ask for macaroni and cheese with four different types of cheese, baked in the oven until its was lightly brown, candied yams that has been carefully peeled, without black spots left on them; with just the right amount of butter, sugar ,nutmeg  and with a dash of cinnamon.  As, I write I can just imagine the smell and the aroma of the food cooking in the kitchen.

      I can’t forget about the dessert, since it my last meal, without limitations, I would like to have some banana pudding and a huge, slice of cake with light caramel dripping down the side.

“What a meal to die for”.



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