Sams’s Club a great place to shop

One should know that Sam’s Club, is a great place to shop. I am a faithful shopper of Sam’s. Upon entering into the doors of Sam’s one can say that they felt welcomed. It’s so good to see smiling faces when going into Sam’s. I am always greeted with a smiling face whether is 7:00am or 8:00pm.The Purpose of my comparison is to show why Sam’s Club (Illinois) is a better place to shop than Sam’s Club (Missouri). Location is very important, its very important whether there other stores in route and how accessible are the stores. After reading my paper my reader should better understand, why, I prefer to shop at the Illinois Sam’s –vs-the St. Louis, Hanley location.


6 thoughts on “Sams’s Club a great place to shop

  1. Interesting choice for comparision. Im looking forward to reading your paper. It should provide good insight as to how Sams club differs between different locations.

  2. You have more than a thesis statement here. Generally speaking, you don’t want to use language like “in my paper, I will . . .” or “my paper will show. . . .” You may write thesis statements (forecasting statements) like that in other disciplines, but for this class, you want to avoid that kind of language. I recommend looking at my example again that was posted in the announcements on SLU Global. You can say something like this: Comparing and contrasting _____________________ (your elements) will prove that the Sam’s Club in Illinois provides an all around better shopping experience than that at the Sam’s Club in Missouri. Also, you’ll want to identify a few other elements to compare and contrast other than location.

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