My store experiences

My neighborhood Aldi’s tend to take care of my necessities, but I seem to frequent Schnucks because I need more than just the necessities. I gravitate to Schnucks because I shop around  for excellent customer service,  the best hours, great prices, and quality products. My experiences differ from Aldi’s to Schnucks.


2 thoughts on “My store experiences

  1. From your thesis, I know what stores you’re going to cover, and more specifically, what elements from Schnucks you will discuss. The way your thesis is set up at this time, it looks like the paper will be more about the elements identified at Schnucks only rather than a comparison-contrast of those elements at both stores (if Schnucks has great prices, for example, why even shop at Aldi’s?). The last line isn’t doing much for you. Instead, think of adding a sentence there that reveals what the larger significance of your comparison-contrast will be.

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