Tomato Tomate

When time is an issue and the convenience of the perfect location for a quick stop to explore a grocery store chain outside of your realm, yet the exact chain you regularly visit presents itself; you expect to find the same excellent quality of produce and meat at the equivalent price. You also expect an equal selection of products as within the store you usually frequent, along with sale offers as advertised in the chains weekly mailings, I have jokingly labeled, “It’s on Sale!”.  The popular phrase Tomato, Tomate does not apply if referring to Schnucks at The Lindell Market in St. Louis’ Central West End and Schnucks Culinaria located in Downtown St. Louis.  The irony presented is both stores are located in economically, well populated diverse areas within the city of St. Louis.

Grocery chains located within these areas target the same consumers with diverse incomes and offer services catering to this market.  Based on the following list of comparative information to follow; you will find yourself making note of the obviously missed differences the next time you enter each of these stores.


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