Should I Care where I spend my Money?

I usually shop at the Schnucks store on Page in Overland not only because it has good sales but it is close to my house and easy to access it. I like the employees because they are friendly and will tell you about specials going on in the store. They take time to address you by name and take time to talk with customers. I have had many good experiences there and can always look forward to being treated with respect. Although, once we waited for the butcher who was on break and we called for the Manager who went and found him. For our inconvience, he gave myself and the other customer who ad been waiting a small gift card for our long wait.

The store employees are friendly and take time with customers to give them good shopping experiences. The prices is another good reason I like to shop there the meats are seemingly fresh as well as the produce and fruit.


One thought on “Should I Care where I spend my Money?

  1. I am interested in reading the comparisons on the many Schnucks here in the city. I like your start they are familiar with you excellent.

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