Shopping at Aldis’

Shopping at Aldis’ is something I do on a regular basis.  I like the Maplewood location.  Between Big Bend and Hanley, parking is plenteous.

I shop at Aldis’ because of the low prices compared to Schnucks and Dierbergs.  They offer a wide variety of products fresh produce, fresh meat at low prices.  They carry a large selection of canned goods, and dry goods.  Aldis even sale award winning wines and beer.  Let not forget the everyday staples; they even have a specialty section.  That has some of everything in it from house hold tools to vacuum cleaners.

I enjoy friendly conversation with the employees, and they are very helpful.  Even if it is only a hand full.  Based on my observation, I noticed that Aldis only have four checkout lanes.  That mean it is only for employees plus the stock person.    Usually all the lanes are not open; unless they get crowed or backed up.  The store was designed in a box style.  A person enters the store, keep straight then turn left.  Keep straight then turn left, they are back at the front.  Of course, the store has some middle lanes.


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