Grocery Store Visit

Between tonight’s class (Monday, September 17), and Friday, September 21, visit your regular grocery store.  As you shop, take notes on at least 5 of the elements included on the Essay 2 Assignment Sheet.  By Sunday, September 23, at 10 PM, CST, post about your shopping experience.

In a couple of paragraphs, post your findings regarding your elements of choice.  What did you notice that you had never thought about before?  What food culture does the store represent, based on your observations?

Before Monday’s class, please read all of your peers’ posts; you don’t have to comment but can should you have something to say.  We will discuss your findings and paragraphs in class.

Keep in mind that in addition to recording ideas here as potential research for Essay 2, you should also take advantage of the activity to practice your writing skills.  Proof and edit your posts as you would a draft for a workshop.


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