Dierbergs Market at Des Peres

Open for just under two months,”The Market” has already made one significant change: traffic flow in the parking lot has become more logical thanks to new arrows painted on the lot.  That kind of attention to detail remains noticeable throughout the store, as one moves down the wide aisles.  Smooth floors–one wonders if they’re made from a sound-absorbing material–and brand new carts eliminate the usual cacophony of wonky cart tires rattling across uneven, dirty floors found in many groceries.  The cinnamon brooms positioned in the front vestibule, where those quiet, clean carts lie in wait, greet the shopper with an olfactory reminder that fall is on its way.

With so many stations and services, it’s difficult to focus on only a few.  Repeated trips to the store and copious note taking are required to grasp all “The Market” has to offer.  Interestingly, the store’s orientation points left: upon entering, one moves to the left to begin the shopping excursion.  While that alone might not seem unusual, one can only go left and therefore has to begin with produce.  Heading right will take one to the courtesy center and upstairs to the bathrooms and eating areas.  Why would a store want you to begin with produce?


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