The Family Gathering

Preparation began the first week of April.  Creating a Facebook Event page, getting family and close friend’s profile names, email addresses and telephone numbers sounds easy I know, yet it turned out to be the most difficult part of the outing we were planning, not to mention making sure we selected a date that was perfect for our out of town family and guest planning to visit.  Well, even that became a problem based on communication was practically and almost impossible at this stage of planning.


13 thoughts on “The Family Gathering

    • I KNOW! When you read The Family Gathering it will all come together for you…..hint –just like Twitter everyone was not interested in it or had an account……….

    • So true… even following steps 1-5 does not mean they always turn out as planned…..something I have to learn to accept as a Life Lesson. Things do not always go as planned!

  1. Hi, Stephanie! I’m glad to see that you successfully posted your first blog posting for English 150. I really am looking forward to learning more about what this April event looks like/sounds like; incorporating sensory details that show the reader what s/he is experiencing are especially helpful in essays like these. Is there anything in particular (beyond honest opinions and the like) that you would like for your fellow classmates to comment on or help you consider when revising your introduction? Best of luck as you revise and continue to write!

    • Yes indeed Michaella! Michael was excellent with the response worksheet. I prefer straight forward responses on my writings. I enjoy writing and know I have a LONG way to go, so I do expect and want to learn and continue to improve my writing skills. This English 150 course is step 1 and actually the most important step as I continue working towards my degree.

      • Suggestions can be in any area, Stephanie. It usually helps to focus on the “big picture” first (making sure you have responded to the assignment, organization, details–in this case, lots of sensory details–and clarity). After those are taken care of, you can start to think of spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Another area to focus on includes style: how long your sentences are, how you put sentences together, word choice, how words are ordered in a sentence, to name a few. So, you can see, there’s a lot to consider, and we rarely get it all right the
        first or second time around.

  2. To my untrained eyes I cannot find anything that needs changing in this paragraph. You gave the who, what when and where of it all that satisfifed my curiosity.

  3. Thank you everyone, I do enjoy writing and I know and understand it is a long process. First drafts for me are usually brainstorms. If writing about recollections of times lived to share I try to remember adding and using words of sensory detail, it actually puts the reader there with you. I hope we all are able to share our Essays in class for reviewing. Also, to give and receive honest opinions and suggestions as readers on our writings to everyone. I accept constructive criticism with open arms. (*_*)

  4. It’s interesting, Stephanie, that in one of your responses you say that “it will all come together” in the essay. As a reader, I don’t need to know everything at the beginning, but I would like to see some more details here and not have to wait until later. As I’ve commented on some of your peers’ posts, there’s more telling here than showing. You could begin with an example of a specific relative who was reluctant to join Facebook. If you can connect the same relative to food, then that, to use a food cliche, would be icing on the cake.

  5. The planning process sound intense. I like to use of Facebook as a tool for planning the event. Based on all the planning, I can wait to hear the results from all the hard work.

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