Queen Victoria’s Eighty Fifty Birthday Dinner

I attended Queen Victoria’s eighty-fifth birthday dinner that is Queen Victoria Gates, my grandmother. My Aunt Helen, Aunt Ruthie, and Aunt Francis decided to have a birthday dinner March 22, 1990 for my grandmother’s birthday, which, was March 19 1990, and she turned eighty five years old. It was a memorable dinner for my grandmother as well as everyone else. It was not a surprise, because they knew they would not be able to keep it a secret from her. Grandma thought it was going to be a simple dinner, boy, was she in for a surprise, it was huge!


10 thoughts on “Queen Victoria’s Eighty Fifty Birthday Dinner

  1. Good work getting your introduction posted, Adrian. Is there anything in particular you would like feedback on from your peers? I really enjoyed the way you built anticipation in your reader with your first line — “I attended Queen Victoria’s eighty-fifth birthday dinner — that is, Queen Victoria Gates, my grandmother.” What made this meal memorable and yet simple? I can’t wait to feel/see/experience this dinner with sensory details.

  2. I can picture her at the dinner with all the family of how many generations present? Children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, maybe great, greatgrandchildren.

  3. I enjoyed the introduction. My first thought was, “WHAT?” yes I said it out loud. I also immediately read in my head from a young girls perspective, excited, and happy. I would like to read more in anticipation of what happened and how grandmother responded.

  4. I’d love to know why someone nicknamed your grandmother “Queen.” Was it just because her name was Victoria, or did she have an imperious nature?

  5. I cant wait to learn more about Queen Victoria. Her name alone leaves me interested and wanting to know more. Also, I look forward to hearing more about the food server at the party!!

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