My Family Reunion

Family Reunions is a time of gathering, a time when you see family and friends. My family consists of hundreds of individual, young and old. It’s a time to reflect back on the good old days. It never seems to amazes me, no matter where our family meet there are plenty of new friends of family members. Each year new member are inducted into the family. I can honestly say that about one-third of the attendees are friend and their families. The Fortner Reunion has grown over the years. We have been having yearly reunions since 1985 and still going strong. Family comes from near and far. We have California, Louisiana, Philadelphia, Michigan, Chicago, Memphis, Alabama Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee. Total attending our reunion is now over 200 family and friends.


15 thoughts on “My Family Reunion

  1. Thanks for posting your first paragraph, Vicky! I know it was initially challenging, but I’m excited that you’re learning the ropes of our class blog. It also sounds like you have a really expansive family tree! That’s very exciting… I am sure there are many great stories to share from events like these. Keep including those sensory details — taste, touch, sight, feel, and smell — into future drafts of Essay 1.

  2. I’m not sure what happened to my first reply I made earlier today.
    I do not see anything wrong with your paragraph, I look forward to reading about the family reunion.

  3. Hello Mrs. Vicki I enjoyed reading part of your story. I wonder if you give it more detail when you talk about the good old days it would have help me picture the moment.

  4. Hi Vicki, I know this is a first draft yet, I became uninterested based on you pretty much said we have a family reunion and a lot of people come. I think the list of states is also long winded and my suggestion is maybe making reference to your personal experience with this event or add more detail in your view. Also maybe use coastal areas instead of the list of states. If you make note of any needed improvements with my opening paragraph please point the out to me and offer me suggestions.

  5. Vicky, you seem to have chosen a good topic for this assignment and are working your way into the paper. Since this essay is relatively short, don’t waste any time jumping into trying to catch our attention. So far, you’re doing a lot of telling without showing. Keep in mind that you can begin with a scene or anecdote from the reunion, using those all-important sensory details, and then you can move out to explain the event itself. You could even begin with some food–perhaps a dish that stood out at the reunion (or maybe something that was awful).

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