Blog Assignment #1: Essay 1 Introductory Paragraph Feedback

Copy and paste your opening paragraph from your Essay 1 drafts to receive additional feedback from your peers and me.  Please follow these directions:

(1)  Copy and paste your paragraph by Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 10 PM, CST.

(2)  Within the next two days, read everyone’s paragraphs.  Comment on 3 of your peers’ paragraphs, providing constructive feedback (like you did in the peer-review workshop).  Feedback should be written in complete sentences and move beyond simple comments like “I liked it.”  Comments should be made by 10 PM, CST, on Friday, Sept. 14.

(3)  Over the weekend, make sure that you read what others have written for you.  You’ll have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning/afternoon to revise your paragraphs (and papers) before submitting your final copies by the start of class on Monday, September 17.

A few considerations:

  • Remember that this is a public blog, so put your best self forward
  • Everyone is responsible for spacing out the comments; in other words, please don’t all comment on the same 3 paragraphs; makes sure that everyone gets several comments
  • The introductory paragraphs from the assigned readings for Unit 1 are models for your own paragraphs
  • The following resource provides more specific help should you need it: UNC’s Writing Center Handout on Introductions

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