The Two Tale Shopper

Would you rather pay lower prices to get much better product for your money or do you prefer to save on gas and pay higher prices for low quality product? Walmart Super Center or Schnucks, which would you choose? Only you can tale!


Sams’s Club a great place to shop

One should know that Sam’s Club, is a great place to shop. I am a faithful shopper of Sam’s. Upon entering into the doors of Sam’s one can say that they felt welcomed. It’s so good to see smiling faces when going into Sam’s. I am always greeted with a smiling face whether is 7:00am or 8:00pm.The Purpose of my comparison is to show why Sam’s Club (Illinois) is a better place to shop than Sam’s Club (Missouri). Location is very important, its very important whether there other stores in route and how accessible are the stores. After reading my paper my reader should better understand, why, I prefer to shop at the Illinois Sam’s –vs-the St. Louis, Hanley location.

Warehouse Clubs are not all the same

All wholesale warehouse clubs are not the same, each are uniquely different and have their own special niche. Admittedly, there are some features that are consistent throughout the warehouse industry. At first glance, Costco Wholesale and Sams Clubs appear to be the same type of warehouse, but when you go beneath the surface you will find vastly different company culture and customer approach.

My store experiences

My neighborhood Aldi’s tend to take care of my necessities, but I seem to frequent Schnucks because I need more than just the necessities. I gravitate to Schnucks because I shop around  for excellent customer service,  the best hours, great prices, and quality products. My experiences differ from Aldi’s to Schnucks.

Should You care where you Spend your Money?

The Schnucks Grocery stores on North Grand and South Grand are different as day and night, not only in the layout, but in the creativeness of how they adverise, the in-store sales, the employees, customer satisfaction and the parking lot. Although, there may be some simillarities, there are more things that differ  between these two stores.

Essay 2 Thesis – from A New Supermarket Experience

Many people assume that if you have been to one supermarket you have been to them all, but the location, specialty section/item as well as the service and web site of these two stores.  Des Peres “The Market and Schnucks “Market Place” Richmond Heights, offer a similar, yet different view.  Both supermarkets carry our everyday staples like paper towels, soap, dish detergent and other household items.

Thesis Statements

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